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WASHINGTON–Russia and China are claiming they are promoting genuine democracy, according to statements read on the U.S. House floor by Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, Wednesday. She spoke on the threat to world order posed the “Ukrainian situation”.

“It is a threat to the stability of the world order, the largest threat since World War II, and a threat to any democracy,” she said.

Spartz then read statements from both Russia and China, stating that the countries jointly believe that the world is in a state of flux and that trends point toward a power shift. The statements also said Russia and China believe themselves to be representative of a more “genuine democracy”.

“I know that Pres. Putin is not going to listen to me, I’m not sure if to anyone else. But, I’m hope he still has to listen to the Russian people, at least a little bit,” said Spartz, then directing her words to Russians living in America. “I want you to let Russian people know that neither the United State, nor the west are a threat to Russia’s national security. I would argue that Russia has a much bigger threat coming from the east, as a very aggressive economic expansion of China in far eastern Siberia.”

Spartz said she believes the American people do not want another war in Europe.

“If Russia starts a war in Ukraine, which looks more and more likely, a lot of young people will have to die on both sides. No one will benefit from it. Maybe the Chinese Communist Party.”

Spartz said she finds it hard to believe that Russia people would want to go down in history as a puppet of the imperialistic ambitions of China, promoting the “genuine democracy” of the Chinese Communist Party.

“A threat to our freedoms from outside is real,” she said. “Protect and cherish our freedoms so our children do not have to fight to get them back.”