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MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie man has been arrested and charged with murder. The suspect was the one who led police to the victim’s body.

The Star Press reports Jason Harris was arrested Tuesday. Harris’ brother had reported his roommate Erik Sparks missing. Harris’ brother claims Jason came to the apartment and made a gesture across his throat, seemingly hinting that something had happened to Sparks.

Harris’ brother also claims Jason threatened his life the night before Sparks’ disappearance.

Muncie Police confronted Jason Harris about Sparks’ disappearance. Harris led police to Cardnial Greenway north of McGalliard Road. Harris says he and Sparks got into an argument. At some point, Harris held a .40-caliber handgun to Sparks, made him get on his knees, and shot him 3 to 4 times. He then apparently covered his body with snow and stole his wallet. Harris later gave Sparks’ wallet to police.

Police say Jason Harris also made a call to a family member in Chicago, and hinted that he “shot someone, and needed to get out of town.”

Harris has been arrested and charged with murder. He’s being held without bond at the Delaware County Jail. Deputy Police Chief Melissa Pease says anyone with info should call the Muncie Police Department at 765-747-4867.