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WASHINGTON–The United States and allies are attempting to avoid a Russian invasion of Ukraine through diplomatic efforts. While it remains unclear what Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin will do, Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, says Europe’s economy may take a larger hit than America’s if the U.S. is forced to impose sanctions.

“Our energy policy brought a lot of problems and national security issues around the world,” Spartz told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead”. “Our economy is not as dependent as some European economies and they will have to start thinking about it, who their friends are, and how they will mitigate risk and diversify in the long run.

Pres. Biden has warned Russia that if they invade America will impose sanctions that could seriously hurt the Russian economy. Since Europe is much more dependent on trade with Russia, any sanctions they impose or that the U.S. imposes, could have a serious effect on what you pay for some goods and even gas prices.

“Russia needs to understand that they are going to pay a significant cost if they are going to expand this aggression,” said Spartz.

She was part of a bi-partisan delegation to Ukraine, where she grew up.

Ukraine’s president is nervous about the effect that Russia’s threats are having on his country’s economy. He also believes that U.S. messaging that an invasion is imminent is also having an adverse effect.

Spartz, a Republican, said no matter what happens, America will stand with its allies, and should help Ukraine.

“To keep stability and peace, we remember the famous phrase from Pres. Reagan, you need to have peace through strength and I think it’s very important for us to show that we mean what we say and will do it,” she said.

Spartz didn’t go as far as saying America should send troops to Ukraine to help fight a Russian invasion.

“We have commitment to our NATO allies and I think a lot of them get very nervous after our debacle in Afghanistan and I think it’s important to show that we’ll stand with our allies,” she said.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

“It’s important for us to show that the United States Congress will stand with people who are fighting for freedoms.”