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Indianapolis – The biggest question that will continue to be asked until the NFL season starts again for the Indianapolis Colts will be who is the starting quarterback for Week One? Colts Owner Jim Irsay seems to be very vocal on Twitter about his frustrations with how the season ended.

The first person that seems to be receiving the blame for the Colts downturn in the final two weeks of the season is Carson Wentz. He threw for 3,563 yards 27 TD’s and 7 interceptions. In the final eight games of the season he threw for 1,365 yards (170 per game) 9 TD’s and 4 interceptions. Wentz failed to eclipse 200 yards passing in six during those eight games after throwing for 200+ in seven of the previous nine games of the season.

TheAthletic’s Stephen Holder joined JMV on Monday’s edition of the Ride With JMV and answered the big question on whether or not Jim Irsay is the catalyst for a change at quarterback.

“It certainly seems he feels that way. I think every indication we have seen, that’s the way you would kind of translate it. If you want a quarterback, you can find a quarterback, but the question is, what can you find? There is definitely a sense of urgency with Jim Irsay. Chris Ballard is not oblivious to that, now that doesn’t mean he is going to do something reckless but I do think it heighten the sense of urgency. If your owner is impatient, then maybe you have to show a little more urgency.”

The date many Colts fans should have circled on their calendars is March 16th. That is when the new league year starts for the NFL, which will be when rumors of possible quarterback options for the Colts will circulate or be put to bed.

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