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WASHINGTON–The high prices that you’re paying for groceries and gas are not being caused by price gouging, says Congressman Larry Bucshon, who spoke at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing. He had some choice words for people he says are not addressing the real problem.

“The Hoosiers I represent are not paying more at the pump or more for their everyday groceries because of price gouging. They’re paying more because of inflation,” he said.

The committee was discussing an anti price gouging bill.

“This legislation won’t restock the barren grocery store shelves or car lots scattered throughout my district and the country.”

Bucshon, a Republican who represents southwestern Indiana, said the problems originate from “larger market factors” and COVID, but that the “Biden administrations failure to address these problems is only adding fuel to the fire”.

Bucshon’s beef with the administration has much to do with its energy policies, which many Republicans believe are a direct reversal of the policies of the Trump administration, and with the opposite results.

“The Biden administration continues to block the creation of pipelines that would help lower energy prices and terminating oil and gas leases on public lands in the US, ironically while asking OPEC to send us more oil,” he said. “Running to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to investigate gas prices every time they go up isn’t a serious exercise and only ignore the real problem.”

Bucshon said real solutions include advancing policies that promote energy independence and getting people to go back to work.