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INDIANAPOLIS–The plows are coming. If your street hasn’t been plowed yet, Indianapolis is working with contractors to get it done. At a Friday morning briefing, Mayor Joe Hogsett reminded people not to park on the street, if it’s at all possible.

“We have engaged our contractors to address 4,400 miles of residential roadways,” he said. “We expect that 172 trucks in total, by five different contractors will be on our residential streets once they are fully deployed, and many are already fully deployed.”

Add that to the Dept. of Public Works regular compliment of 80 plows, and Hogsett says that means more than 250 trucks will be working to clear streets, some of which were already down to bare pavement Friday morning.

“Vendors are contracted for a single pass along each public residential street,” said the mayor.

The Indy Snow Force drivers have been working back to back shifts since Wednesday.

“We do have some more work to do, mainly in intersections and turn lanes. So, if folks could bear with us while we clean that up today,” said DPW Director Dan Parker.

Parker said that your duty is not only not to be an obstruction for the plow drivers, but also to clear your sidewalk.

“Residents are expected to clear their sidewalks. That is on property owners, not the city,” he said.

He added that trash service is suspended Friday and people whose normal trash pickup is on Thursday or Friday, will get “double service” next week.