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INDIANAPOLIS — Over 150 flights at the Indianapolis International Airport have been canceled today because of the winters storm moving through. There are still a handful of flights that are scheduled to depart today despite the conditions.

“I do not want to be stuck in Indiana one second longer,” said Austin Dickey, a passenger, to WISH-TV.

“We’re just trying to get out of here as quickly as we can,” said Aaron Dulin, a passenger.

The airport is equipped to keep things running, albeit at a slower pace because of having to constantly clear runways for planes taking off and landing. Keith Berlen is the director of operations for the Indianapolis International Airport.

“We’ve been looking at the forecast for this particular storm for three or four days now. We knew something was building,” Berlen said. “We’re blessed to have a lot of good equipment and have a lot of good employees that all work together to keep the airport open and not only to keep it open but to keep it open safely.”

The Indianapolis Airport Authority has about 90 workers and 50 pieces of equipment to fight the snowstorm. A runway can be cleared in about 20 minutes depending on how fast the snow is falling. For ice, chemicals are put down before the water freezes so that the airplanes can get in and out safely.