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Senator Todd Young has launched “Beijing Behaving Badly,” a campaign to highlight the ongoing abuse by the Chinese Community Party. For the last ten days, Sen. Young has been discussing abuses against journalists, forced labor concerns, censorship, and more. He has been spreading his message on social media under #BeijingBehavingBadly.

In a press release last week Senator Young says now is the time to stand-up to the Chinese Community Party.

“Due to the Chinese Communist Party’s record of human rights abuses, the United States – along with other nations – is imposing a diplomatic boycott. No government official will attend these Games. We are rooting hard for our athletes, but it’s important for them to know what they are walking into as they compete. As the world watches the Olympics in Beijing, the actions of Chinese Communist Party cannot go unchecked, and I’m ready to hold them accountable.”

As the 2022 Winter Olympics kick-off in Beijing today, Sen. Young joined Tony Katz to discuss his mission and if it’s too late to make take a stand. 

The Opening Ceremony is set for this Friday.