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INDIANAPOLIS–You’ll see Indy’s Snow Force beginning when the rain stops and the snow or sleet starts, says Dept. of Public Works Director Dan Parker. In a Tuesday afternoon update, Parker said you should stay at home if you can when it starts to snow.

“More than 75 trucks will be out and will probably be deployed for multiple days,” he said. “We have over 11,000 tons of slat available for this event. All of our barns are at full capacity.”


Indy has only had just under two inches of snow register at the airport s far this season. The city normally gets about 25 inches of snow. But, since the weather is about to make up all at once for what we haven’t gotten so far, Parker wants to make sure that you are ready.

“The roads are gonna be slick for our partners at IMPD, the fire department and EMS. They’re gonna be slick for our own trucks. If it’s dangerous for our drivers, it’s dangerous for you,” he said.

Parker said you should not park on the street if you normally park on a street where DPW trucks plow. You might end up with loads of snow plowed to the side, on top of your car. He also said not to expect bare streets for your Thursday commute, because of the rate at which the snow is expected to fall.

“It’s gonna take time,” he said about the expected plowing operation.

Parker said you should also refrain from engaging in antics that could be dangerous, with DPW vehicles.

“Please don’t play chicken with a snow truck driver,” he said, noting that each snow event that ends up happening. “It is a 12 to 15 ton vehicle with a blade on it that could cut a car in half.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett, who also spoke at the Tuesday news conference, reminded people that for emergencies you should call 911, but for assistance with food and shelter, if needed, you should call 211.