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KYIV, Ukraine. — Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S. says nobody is safe if Russia attacks the country.

“We do not want to be part of the Soviet Union, the Russian Empire, or the Russian Federation,’ said Oksana Markarova on CBS’s Face the Nation. “We want to be sovereign. We are sovereign. We are fighting for our independence.”

Markarova is the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States and said Russia attacking Ukraine would have to do with the country choosing to be a democracy and having Atlantic and European aspirations.

Markarova said if Ukraine is attacked, Russia will not stop, and that it is in the interest of Europe and all the democratic world to show international rule of law still exists.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations says the U.N. Security Council will push Russia on its massive buildup of troops along the Ukranian border. The Kremlin has said it has no plans to invade Ukraine but is demanding promises including never allowing Ukraine into NATO.

The council holds a special session today.