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INDIANAPOLIS — Warren Township Schools in Indianapolis are raising the amount they’re paying substitute teachers to $150 a day.

That’s far more than other nearby school districts. Warren Township is hoping to lure more prospective substitute teachers into the fold as the district still deals with regular teachers being out with COVID.

“Now more than ever, it’s essential to have a reliable substitute teacher pool of folks that you can recruit and retain,” Simkins said to WISH-TV. “We started out the school year, actually $90 a day, which was competitive. We quickly moved to $100. And now of course, now we’re going to $150 a day.”

Warren Township Schools have been partnering with a company that specializes in providing substitute teachers to schools that need them. Kelly Education also consults with schools to help them incentivize more substitute teachers to come in and work.

According to the State Department of Education, 11,731 substitute licenses were issued last year. The year before, there were 11,421 issued. However, both years are low when compared to 2018, when over 12,000 licenses were approved.

“The door is wide open,” Simkins said. “For anybody who wants to take on substitute teaching in our district. We will welcome them with open arms.”

Simkins says Warren Township is also hoping to offer free lunches to substitute teachers in the near future in order to lure more people into sub.