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WASHINGTON–Republicans will take back the U.S. House of Representatives, said Rep. Jackie Walorski, who represents north central Indiana. She told WIBC’s Tony Katz that Americans are fed up with inflation and the high prices they are paying because of it, which she says can be blamed on Biden administration policies.

“Just in the last six months, people in my district have their ears on. They realize they’re paying more at the pump and senior citizens are paying 50 percent more for propane during an Indiana winter,” said Walorski.

She said bare shelves in stores and higher prices are a direct result of Biden administration policies.

“There’s nothing that’s going correctly in this country that I can say to them, oh fear not! Gas prices are gonna go down. Gas prices today in my district are over $3 per gallon.”

Walorski said the higher prices on gas and propane and everyday items will show a direct result in the way people vote in the mid-term elections in November.

“The American people are slammed and they’re afraid because they see the American dream sliding away from them with one-party rule,” she said. “We do have a plan to release to them. It’s basically undo the seven horrible things that just happened, and the American people are there.”

Walorski said Republicans could start with energy, inflation and the souther border, which she said could be turned around almost instantly by reinstating Trump-era rules on immigration, which she says were working before Biden took office.