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INDIANAPOLIS–Propane tanks exploded at a home on Indy’s southwest side Friday morning.

There was a garage fire near a home on South Lockburn Street around 4 am. That is near the intersection of Holt Road and Kentucky Avenue. Wayne Township Firefighters witnessed the tanks explode when they arrived.

“The explosions would have just been from the heat of the fire. The fire is still under investigation,” said Bryce Laneybartles, public information officer and paramedic with the Wayne Township Fire Department.

There were no injuries and firefighters were able to put the fire out quickly.

“The structures that were next to it were not burned, but there was some melted siding on a garage that was maybe 20 feet away. A car outside the garage completely burned up as well,” said Laneybartles.

If you have any information on the fire, you should contact the Wayne Township Fire Department.

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