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Fox News host Jesse Watters moves into prime time on January 24th with an all-new show.

Watters signed off on his final show of “Watters’ World” Saturday night, thanking the audience and his fans.

Watters joined the Hammer and Nigel Show Wednesday to discuss the move.

“I started in the basement at Fox News, so I’ve certainly come a long way,” said Watters in reflecting on his career. “I’ve been joking that they always refer to me as a ‘rising star,’ so perhaps this means I’m finally just a ‘star,'” he laughed.

Watters will continue as a co-host of the network’s “The Five.”

“Yeah, Gutfeld couldn’t do the show without me,” joked Watters, “so he begged Fox News to let me stay on ‘The Five,’ and I said ‘fine.”

Watters also shared his thoughts with Hammer and Nigel on what to expect from President Joe Biden’s Wednesday press conference.

“I’m sure he’ll be alert, juiced up, and well prepped, so it’s just a matter of the questions he’ll get from the press,” said Watters. “These are preselected questions and I don’t expect a whole lot of surprises there, but I do expect a change in tone.”

Watters explained: “There’s been a lot of criticism directed at Biden – even from the liberal press. So it will be interesting to see whether the President keeps his cool or if he drifts off and says something insane.”

Watters said he doesn’t think Biden’s presidency can be saved after so many missteps by the administration in the first year.

“We don’t know if Omicron is going to be the last wave, gas prices are up, inflation is way up, Russia could potentially invade Ukraine, things are getting worse, and it’s beyond his control,” said Watters. “So I think the guy’s toast.”

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