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Democratic leader Rep. Jim Clyburn is encouraging the bigotry of the Biden Administration. The South Carolina Congressman defended President Biden’s voting law speech in Atlanta, doubling down on “Jim Crow 2.0.”

From conservatives, journalists, and even some members of the Democratic Party many have been calling out President Biden for his divisive and aggressive voting law speech.

Rep. Clyburn appeared on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday disagreeing  with those pushing back on Biden. In fact, Clyburn echoes Biden’s main point in comparing Georgia’s voting laws to Jim Crow.

“This is Jim Crow 2.0. That was one of the strongest points of the president’s speech that I agree with. So, this whole notion, when you walk around and no one has ever discriminated against you because of your skin color or you have never had to worry about having your vote counted, you can have those kinds of statements. But you’re talking to one who knows a different history in this country. And that’s exactly what these laws are, Jim Crow 2.0.”

Tony Katz points out how counterproductive Clyburn’s response is.

“That’s Rep. Jim Clyburn saying anybody who disagrees with me is a racist…how in the world are you supposed to trust these people with leadership when everything about them is about debasing the people they claim to lead? It’s obscene and wrong.”