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The esteemed President of the United States, Joe Biden, shall deliver a speech Wednesday. The topic of that speech: “Why People Mistakenly Think I Suck Even Though I’m Pretty Sure I Don’t.”

You see, Biden and his illustrious team of advisors have recently discovered that roughly 75% of American voters would rather have a chimpanzee in charge of the country at this point than geriatric Joe.

The solution from team Biden: a public reset.

What is Sam Hill is “a public reset,” you ask?

Answer: An attempt to convince the American people that the reason you hate Biden is that his administration hasn’t done an effective job of communicating with you, the peasant.

Yes, it turns out that President Biden has been a busy little worker bee behind the scenes doing all kinds of great things for the country.

For Example: Biden has been having conversations with Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema behind the scenes about voting rights legislation and doing away with the filibuster!

Those conversations have amounted to nothing, but the conversations have, in fact, taken place. That constitutes a “win” worth at least a couple of approval points.

Biden will explain all the wonderful things he’s been doing for us in his speech Wednesday, but that’s just step #1. According to the White House, Biden will be holding an entire series of town halls with the American people so he can scream and whisper at us even more!

Mock n’ Rob have a special preview of President Biden’s speech in the clip below.