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EDINBURGH, Ind. — An EMT with the Edinburgh Fire Department is charged with battery after he admitted to pressing on a man’s eyes while trying to treat him for injuries sustained in a car wreck.

The crash happened on County Road 650 near Edinburgh and the driver had to be given first aid at the scene in the back on an ambulance. But the driver was not being cooperative, say police.

The man, who may have been intoxicated, was spitting on people trying to help him, using foul language, and would not sit still in the back of the ambulance.

Jeremy Goodnight, 42, was one of the EMT’s trying to treat the driver’s injuries. Court documents say that Goodnight and his wife, Brittany are both EMTs with the fire department and that the driver was using foul language towards her.

As they were trying to treat the driver’s injuries, the man would not keep his head still, so Goodnight said to investigators that thought of a technique to try and keep his head still by applying pressure to the man’s orbital bones on his head.

Goodnight stood over the driver’s head and applied pressure with both of his thumbs, causing the driver to scream in pain. he later admitted that he could not remember where to apply pressure correctly.

After looking over what happened, law enforcement agreed that Goodnight’s actions were not appropriate for the situation and prosecutors have charged him with battery.

It’s not clear if the driver he was trying to help will face any charges.