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INDIANAPOLIS— The video shows just a fraction of a second after the impact: Sparks from a vehicle light up the intersection of East 42nd Street and North Post Road before a fatal crash early Friday morning.

The vehicle skids sideways into a parking lot before coming to rest against a concrete pole. Tamisha Bennett lives just right around the corner.

“It is terrible out here. I see it every day,” Bennett said.

Police closed the intersection for hours as they tried to make sense out of what happened. Police say the green sport utility vehicle was headed north, and the Nissan sedan was stopped at the light. In the video, you can see one vehicle coming through the intersection. It is not clear which one. What is crystal clear is a picture taken by a passerby later in the morning. Police say the driver of the sedan did not survive the crash.’

“That is like the second time. You can see the signs over there. People are … I don’t know, how can you run into the that,” Robert Lovett said.

The driver of the green SUV survived and, according to police, assaulted a witness who had stopped to check on the crash.

“They are evil. They have no regards to life, to living, none of that. It is just evil,” Annetta Burns said.

The street is littered with debris from this crash and others. Burns says she has lived on the northeast side for 30 years. She remembers when the area was safe.

“They just drive. They don’t focus,” Burns said.

She says almost every day, there is a crash along Post Road. Some, she says, are more violent than others.  

“It breaks my heart. I used to love living out here, you know, because I felt safe. Now, I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want to do anything. I only go out when I have to,” Burns said. 

Police say the suspect was taken to the hospital early Friday morning. No criminal charges have been filed. The Marion County Coroner’s Office has not released the name of the victim.

(Story by WISH-TV’s Richard Essex)