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The nice people at the FDA are sounding the alarm about LuSys Laboratories’ luxurious COVID-19 tests. After extensive research by the FDA’s top experts, it has been determined that the tests suck.

“The performance of these tests has not been adequately established and the FDA believes there is likely a high risk of false results when using these tests,” the FDA said in an emotionally-gripping statement. “Neither test has been authorized, cleared, or approved by the FDA for distribution or use in the United States.”

And we should all be wary of utilizing tests that haven’t been approved by the FDA. They carefully evaluate all health and safety concerns before approving ANY product.

Yes, Democrats excitedly “encouraged” the injection of the COVID vaccines on Americans prior to FDA approval, but you can’t go screwing around with swab tests. Somebody could get hurt.

Do you think the FDA would have approved the use of FLAME RETARDANTS in food if it wasn’t safe? Quaaludes? How about Olean and Olestra?

Okay then.

Here are the disturbing and sobering risks associated with utilizing LuSys Laboratories’ COVID-19 tests:

  • False-negative antigen test results.
  • False-positive antigen test results.

Scary stuff.

Fun Fact: These tests have been widely used by healthcare providers across the fruited plain to detect the Coronavirus in millions of people, but rest assured that all government data related to COVID-19 infections and deaths is completely accurate and reliable.

Looks like it’s back to using the only reliable virus detection test on the market: butt sniffin’ COVID dogs.