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Senator Marco Rubio tore into Democrats and the mainstream media Wednesday for the hysterical narrative surrounding the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“The Vice President of the United States told us that a riot that happened here in the U.S. Capitol here last year was the equivalent of the day in which Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor and the U.S. was pulled into a World War that took the lives of over 3% of the world’s population,” Rubio said from the Senate floor.

“And yesterday we were treated to the President telling us that election laws that are being passed by various states across the country over the last year are basically the same – the equivalent of the segregation that existed in this country in the 1950s, and 60s and before.”

Later in his speech, Senator Rubio said normal people don’t believe our government was almost overthrown on January 6.

“I don’t care how many candlelight vigils and musical performances you have from the cast of Hamilton, you’re not going to convince most normal and sane people that our government last year was almost overthrown by a guy wearing a Viking hat and speedos.”

Mock n’ Rob have more in the clip below.