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In the era of COVID, it can be difficult to find quality health information you can trust.

“Which vaccine do I take?”

“How many boosters do I need?”

“Will my heart explode if I mix Pfizer with Moderna?”

The questions are endless and the confusion they induce is overwhelming for some.

Fortunately, anti-COVID-19 “Vaccine Police” leader Christopher Key is here to cut through the confusion by dispensing reckless medical advice of his own.

Key says you don’t need some fancy vaccine to protect you from COVID – just a tall refreshing glass of urine!

“The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy. OK, and I know to a lot of you this sounds crazy, but guys, God’s given us everything we need,” Key said in a video posted over the weekend on social media.“This has been around for centuries,” he added.

Key also confessed to being part of the urine therapy movement.

“I drink my own urine and I’ve been drinking my own urine for the last 23 years,” Key proudly proclaimed.

Bottoms up, anti-vaxxers!