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STATEWIDE — One of your elected officials will not run for re-election.

Republican Congressman Trey Hollingsworth believes he has spent too much time fighting Washington politics, and not enough time serving you. That’s just one of the reasons Hollingsworth gave in an editorial article in the Indianapolis Star.

Hollingsworth, who was elected to represent Indiana’s 9th Congressional District in 2016, put a four year term limit on himself. He says he did so to remind himself and the people working with him that they need to focus their time and effort on serving the Hoosiers of central and southern Indiana.

Hollingsworth believes it’s time to step down, but he clarified that he’s not stepping away from being a public servant. He did not speak on any future plans, but did say he plans to serve Hoosiers in a new way.

Hollingsworth again reiterated his belief that too many politicians ignore the people they’re supposed to serve, and spend their years in office aiming for another political office or high paying job down the line.

He hopes Congress moves the ball forward on stronger, more strict term limits.