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INDIANAPOLIS–Sixteen people were put out of their homes by a fire on North Addison St. Monday morning in Indianapolis. Once firefighters were on the scene, they had a tough time getting water from one of the hydrants because it was frozen.

Three homes were damaged by the fire, with at least one of those completely destroyed.

A news release from the Indianapolis Fire Dept., said multiple 911 calls came in beginning at 7:38 a.m., with smoke and fire visible from the house at 43 North Addison St., which is just north of Washington St., and just west of downtown.

Once firefighters were able to get water from the hydrant, the fire was under control quickly. But, that didn’t mean they got the fire out. The porch eventually collapsed and the roof collapsed about 30 minutes later, just before 9 o’clock.

Battalion Chief Rita Reith said the fire was finally put out just before 10.

The cause is under investigation.