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A Belgian plastic surgeon is in jail after lamenting to students that women “don’t want to open their legs anymore” in a university lecture.

Jeff Hoeyberghs, 60, was given a ten-month prison sentence, half of which is suspended, after a rant in which he said women exist to “satisfy men sexually and perform household chores.”

Hoeyberghs maintains he was speaking his truth and claimed his freedom of speech is being denied.

These are some merry highlights from Hoeyberghs’ gripping lecture:

  •  “Women want the privileges of male protection and money, but they do not want to open their legs anymore.”

  • “We have given women dishwashing machines and cleaning ladies until they themselves became superfluous.”

  • “You cannot treat a woman like an equal without becoming her slave.”

Hoeyberghs also advised students that women are “hysterical, lazy, weak, stupid” and “dirty creatures, who seek money and protection from men to whom they owe sex,” comparing them to “animals with udders.”

Hoeyburghs told one Ph.D. student she was just “blue eyes and t*ts,” while another was “a fine example of how things go wrong.”

He added that women “always let emotions get in their way” and said prisons, psychiatric wards, and rehab centers are “filled with children of single mothers.”

Here’s the video:

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