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STATE WIDE–The relatively warm weather some days and cold weather on others is playing havoc on the state’s hunting and fishing patterns. With some species the harvest depends on a steady weather pattern. But, with the expected high temperature on Christmas expected near 60, some fish and wildlife are not acting like they usually do.

“Unseasonable weather tends to throw some hormones out of whack in some of these species that are kind of following these biological rules,” said Jay Anglin, outdoors writer from LaPorte, on Indiana Outdoors radio. “It’s throwing things for loop. People are like, of it’s so nice and I just kind of give ’em a dead pan look because it’s not normal. It’s not natural.”

Anglin acknowledged that for some kinds of fishing, it makes for a good catch.

“Guys are capitalizing on this warm weather for bass fishing. Some of the river fishing for small mouth has been on fire this week,” he said.

But, for fish like steel head, for whom fishermen depend on a cold weather pattern, it’s been hit or miss.

Anglin said deer hunting has also taken a hit because of the warmer days.

“I’m still in it to win. There’s two or three days a week where it’s worth going and if you can’t make the stars align and make it happen, you’re kinda hosed.”

He said the advice that he gives people is to go anyway and see what they can come up with.