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STATE WIDE — Do you know who your governor is? Some people don’t. Nonetheless, in the annual Hoosier Survey, conducted by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University, 63 percent of Hoosiers asked said they believe the governor is doing a good job. The questions also pertained to Pres. Biden and the handling of the COVID pandemic.

“Gov. Holcomb’s approval, regardless of some of the people who might not know he actually is governor and might’ve taken themselves out, it’s still really good,” said Prof. Chad Kinsella, head of the Bowen Center, in an interview with IndyPolitics.

Kinsella said the results were not a surprise to him, given Indiana’s political leanings.

“He didn’t do very well with Democrats. But, he is doing pretty well with Independents and is doing very well with Republicans.”

Biden’s approval rating, according to the Hoosier Survey, is 35 percent.

“So, this was probably not unexpected. Underwater for sure here in Indiana and again, his poll numbers haven’t been doing well nation-wide,” said Kinsella. He added that the survey did not go into why or a political breakdown in the case of the president’s Indiana approval.

More people in Indiana approve of the way state and local government are handling the COVID-19 pandemic, as opposed to handling by the federal government.

“People are not real happy. Sixty percent of people thought the federal government was doing a fair or poor job as far as handling the outbreak,” he said. “A little over a majority of people were fairly happy with state and local government response and then we got a close even split with local school district response.”

The Hoosier Survey can be found on the Ball State website.