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Marion County Court brought a long overdue halt to its support of the Bail Project Indy Thursday.

According to a letter obtained by Fox 59, “criminal judges voted to suspend support of The Bail Project pending further review and data collection.”

The Bail Project is invited to speak at a Jan. 10 meeting, according to Fox 59’s report. The judges request that the organization submit detailed reports at that appearance, which the court will consider in rendering its final decision on whether to support The Bail Project moving forward.

WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel relentlessly used their daily radio show and social media platforms to criticize the Bail Project Indy after the controversial organization provided financial assistance to at least three separate individuals who were later accused of committing murder or attempted murder while free on bond.

“We’ve been talking about this for months,” Nigel said during a segment of Thursday’s broadcast. “And finally, local news organizations began looking at this and asking a lot of questions.”

He continued: “So it looks as if something is finally being done about third parties coming in, bailing out people, and then letting them back out on the streets to commit more murders.”

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