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STATE WIDE–You have an opportunity to learn electronic warfare skills through the Indiana National Guard. The Guard plans to fill 200 part-time positions that could train people with skills to get full-time, good-paying jobs with defense contractors.

“The Intelligence Electronic Warfare Battalion, which will be the new force that will be added to the Indiana National Guard,” said Major Grover Smith, director of intelligence operations and plans. While the Indiana National Guard soldiers will be globally engaged, they will enter cyber battles from the Hoosier State at the Indiana Intelligence Center in Indianapolis.

LISTEN: Major Grover Smith talks electronic and cyber warfare

Smith said the opportunities will be in six areas. One will be intelligence.

“Think of your social studies teacher from high school and a mix of skills that both Jason Bourne and James Bond have,” said Smith.

Electronic warfare is another area, which involves communications and how Guardsmen and women can counter malicious communications.

Smith said cyber warriors will also be in demand. “Those threats we see on a day-to-day basis, either through ransonware or spearphishing attempts, through our daily activities maybe in the office.”

“It’s very technical in the way of understanding not just the 1s and 0s, but the mechanics behind it,” said Smith.

He said the training will take you beyond the initial three-month basic for infantrymen.

“An intel soldier or an electronic warfare soldier or a cyber soldier still is an infantryman, but then there is a year to 18 months training beyond that,” he said.

Smith said the skills learned in a part-time position with the Guard can immediately be used in a private-sector job, especially with one of many defense contractors looking for qualified people to fill good-paying jobs.

“We are committed to bring a new, cutting-edge skill sets to the Indiana National Guard,” said Brig. Gen. Dale Lyles, the adjutant general of the Indiana National Guard, which numbers approximately 13,500 citizen-warriors. “This new intelligence and electronic warfare battalion will do just that and will be a showcase to not only the nation, but also the Hoosier state.”