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This isn’t a joke or a SNL skit, the Speaker of the House in fact called President Joe Biden “just perfect.”

During the Democratic National Committee holiday party Tuesday (we know, sounds fun) Nancy Pelosi gushed over Biden and his contributions as President this year.

 “Our country could not be more — it could not be better served, than with this most experienced, capable hands than yours, President Biden. He‘s just perfect! The timing couldn’t be better.”


How she said this with a genuine straight face, we’ll never know.

Since Pelosi brought it up, let’s take a stroll down Biden lane to review his perfect record.


  • Afghanistan. Biden not only ruined our allies trust in the US, but left Americans behind in the hands of terrorists.
  • COVID. From pushing vaccine mandates to travel restrictions, Biden sure is handling this COVID-19 thing.
  • The border crisis. This year alone there have been over 1 million encounters with illegal migrants along the Us-Mexico border.
  • Infrastructure bill…enough said.
  • Inflation. The rise in inflation that continues to affect Americans daily.

And that’s just to name a few.

Clearly Nancy Pelosi either has very low standards or she’s delusional, but isn’t that the Democratic way.