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STATEWIDE — The festive decorations that come with the holiday season are beautiful, but some can be a danger to our furry friends.

Follow these five tips to keep your pet safe during the holidays:

1. Tinsel

Tinsel and ribbon, if swallowed by a pet, can cause intestinal issues. Tinsel should not be used in a household with cats.

2. Ornaments

Be sure to hang any small or fragile ornaments high enough on your tree to avoid the tail of your dog or the curious paws of your cat.

3. Snow Globes

Snow globes are beautiful, but they can contain antifreeze (ethylene glycol). If you drop and break one, be sure to completely clean up the liquid. If the liquid is licked up by a cat or dog, immediately take your pet to the closest emergency animal hospital.

4. Holiday Lights

Pets, just like people, are drawn to holiday lights. The only difference is, they may be tempted to chew on them! Be sure to also keep electrical cords taped down or out of reach.

5. Holiday Plants and Trees

Many holiday plants can cause gastrointestinal issues if ingested by your dog or cat. These include holly, mistletoe, and amaryllis. Lillies are also extremely toxic to cats; contact with the pollen or water in the vase may be enough to cause kidney failure.