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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A Bloomington man who stabbed a girl at an Indiana University music camp now faces more charges.

Dongwook Ko, who is from South Korea but is in the U.S. on a student visa at IU, pled guilty to kidnapping, torturing and stabbing the teenage girl in 2019.

He was in the Clay County Jail awaiting deportation, when he offered to pay his cellmate $20,000 to murder 14 people who were responsible for him being convicted, including the girl’s parents, defense witnesses and a journalist. WBIW says the cellmate called his “uncle,” who was going to help arrange the murders. Ko gave details on how he wanted each person tortured and killed. Except the “uncle” was actually a Monroe County Sheriff’s detective.

Now Ko faces new charges of conspiracy to commit murder. If convicted, he could face the eight years that were suspended on his original charge for the stabbing.