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A video has come to surface that Indy10 Black Lives Matter activists were invited to speak to hundreds of students about how misogyny, white supremacy, and capitalism are to blame for their problems.

Former IPS administer now whistleblower and founder of The Chalkboard Review, Tony Kinnett recently shared a video lecture from Butler University Laboratory School 60 series “Racial Justice Speaker Series.” In the video four Indy10 BLM activists discuss several topics including the importance of CRT, how black females are victims of “emotional labor,” defunding the police, and how capitalism hurts people.

“You know, when you really start to learn about white supremacy and capitalism and how it really harms black and brown people.”

Tony Katz argues capitalism has done the opposite for the community.

“Capitalism has done more to help black and brown people than Black Lives Matter ever has.”

The bigger question that Katz has is did IPS Super Intendant Aleesia Johnson know BLM activists were speaking to K-8th graders?

The virtual lecture took place in spring of 2020. For a full briefing of the talk click here.

Listen to Katz full take here: