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Prosecutors will not seek the death penalty in the case of a man who stands accused of killing an Indiana police officer.

The suspect, Jason Brown, is charged with murder for the death of Lt. Aaron Allan in July of 2017.

Allan was gunned down while responding to a car crash.

Prosecutors say Brown flipped his car and then fired more than a dozen shots, hitting Allan several times.

Prosecutor Ryan Mears agreed to drop the death penalty as a possible punishment last week in exchange for Brown agreeing to waive his right to a jury trial.

The “Gun Guy,” Guy Relford told the Hammer and Nigel Show he has mixed feelings about Prosecutor Mears’ decision.

“If this was the decision of the family, I understand that – especially if they’re trying to avoid going through the trauma of a trial,” said Relford. “For me personally, why even have a death penalty in the state of Indiana if we’re not going to use it against this guy?”

The details of the case are gutwrenching.

“That morning, [Allan] was walking his little tiny girl to the bus stop. And then he was mowed down by 11 shots while trying to get away,” recalled Relford.

“[Brown] should get the death penalty and we ought to send a message to other people inclined to commit that kind of violence that they’re going to get the same treatment,” he adds.

Prosecutor Mears and the police chief in Southport both declined to comment on the case today.

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