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Former President Donald Trump seems to be gaining confidence in himself after a lifetime of not struggling with low self-esteem.

Glory be to God.

Yes, there was a time when the man who coined the phrases “many people” and “never seen anything like it” was hindered by self-conscious feelings and doubts.

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if I come across as brash and arrogant?”

“What if I get thrown off Twitter, lose all of my followers, and fail to secure a second term?”

Thankfully, Mr. Donald Trump overcame his shyness and embraced the man within. His worst fears and inner thoughts of self-doubt played out exactly as he feared, but with his newfound confidence, the former president gained clarity: “Who gives a good crap what people think?”

Trump’s epiphany allowed him to forgo all self-imposed filters and finally speak his mind about things.

The latest incident of Trump being authentic to his true self took place during a speech in Mar-a-Lago in which the former president referred to the US’s top military officer as a “f***ing idiot.”

Speaking at an event hosted by Turning Point Action, Trump drew support from the crowd as he shared his heart about Gen. Mark Milley’s role in the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Thank you for your vulnerability, Mr. Trump.

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