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The sack of crap who stabbed two IMPD officers this week was out on bail with the assistance of Bail Project Indy.

Court records show that Deonta Williams, the aforementioned sack of crap, admitted he intentionally ambushed and stabbed two IMPD officers because he owed a large medical bill he couldn’t pay and took it out on the officers.

He hoped to kill one officer and get his gun and then be killed by the other.

Thankfully, both officers survived the attack. Regrettably, so did Williams.

For you Bail Project Indy trivia lovers, this is officially the THIRD TIME this year that your taxpayer dollars helped free someone who went on to commit or attempt murder.

It might also interest you to know that Ambush attacks on officers are up 126%, according to the Fraternal Order of Police. Perhaps if we locked up repeat offenders longer, we would have fewer killings and arrests? It might also be helpful if Bail Project Indy stopped helping to increase violence in our city.

Republican councilor Michael-Paul Hart from the Indy City-County Council joined the Hammer and Nigel Show Thursday to provide insight. Click below to hear his comments.