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WASHINGTON–You should be paying attention to what China is doing, says Sen. Todd Young. He says they’ve developed technology that has put them ahead of the U.S. in several areas and are also attempting to keep America from catching up.

Young is concerned about China’s testing a hypersonic missile this summer, which is super fast and puts them at an advantage.

“It’s capable of carrying nuclear weapons and their development of this technology enables them to avoid our early warning radar and our missile defense system,” he said. “This creates an incredible threat to our homeland.”

LISTEN: Sen. Todd Young talks China and the Endless Frontier Act

Young said China could, with such a jet, sink our aircraft carriers.

He said China is also ahead in quantum computing, which means they can use their advanced computing technology to outmaneuver our military.

Young said he believes the Endless Frontier Act, which he authored and which has passed the Senate with both Democrat and Republican support, will enable the U.S. to invest money in some of the same kinds of technology and allow us to catch up. But, he said China has actively tried to block the bill, which may be due for a vote in the House by the end of the year.

“The Chinese Communist Party has been sending out letters to American businessmen asking them to lobby American legislators in opposition to the Endless Frontier Act,” he said. “This is legislation that would protect America’s intellectual property, help us create good-paying jobs and ensure the U.S. invests in cutting-edge technologies that would help us win the 21st century.”

Young said he believes the Chinese Communist Party is trying to stop the U.S. from making the investments necessary to keep up and win.

He said he believes the Endless Frontier Act could become law by the end of the year if the House acts, and acts positively to his bill.