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INDIANAPOLIS — Survivors and the family of one of the people killed at the FedEx facility on the southwest side back in April are suing the city of Indianapolis, seeking compensation and damages for the shooting.

In late April, investigators say Brandon Hole, 19, a former employee at the FedEx facility, went inside and started firing off rounds killing eight people.

In the lawsuit filed this week by attorneys, the plaintiffs accused the city and the police department of failing to follow through on taking a gun away from Hole under the state’s red flag law. They also accuse the Marion County prosecutor’s office of failing to seek a “red flag” hearing that could have kept Hole from buying more firearms.

Prosecutor Ryan Mears explained in a press briefing soon after the shooting happened that they had done their best to prevent Hole from having a firearm.

“This individual was taken and treated by medical professionals and he was cut loose,” Mears said. “They didn’t so much as prescribe him any additional medication after he walked out of their or any medication.”

Mears said that Hole was taken off of the state’s red flag list soon after, thus allowing him to purchase another firearm.

“Mr. Hole was able to purchase an HM Defense HM15F in July 2020, only four months after police took his shotgun,” said the lawsuit. “Then, in September 2020, Mr. Hole purchased a Ruger AR-556. On April 15, 2021, Mr. Hole used these two semi-automatic weapons in the FedEx mass shooting that injured Claimants.”

IMPD and the FBI said in July that Hole acted alone and no one else had prior knowledge of his plans for “suicidal murder.”

The city was not blindsided by the lawsuit as they were sent a letter by attorneys for the plaintiffs earlier this year with a detailed list of their claims against them. Overall, the plaintiffs are seeking $2.1 million in damages.

Mayor Joe Hogsett’s office says they do not comment on tort claims. The Marion County prosecutor’s office said the same thing.