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President Biden met with China’s President Xi Jinping via video link Monday night for nearly three hours.

Sources confirmed that the Commander-in-Chief remained conscious and alert for the full duration of the meeting. Biden was also praised for not giving away the US nuclear codes in exchange for a bag of magic beans.

Biden and XI talked about a number of important issues:

  • Trade
  • Taiwan Independence
  • Global Warming
  • Afghanistan
  • Arms Control

Do you know what didn’t come up? That little global pandemic that began in Wuhan, China. Remember? The one that crashed the global economy? The one that killed millions of people? The one that led to forced lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and ultimately, the election of the worst president in American history?

By the way, how come Kamala Harris didn’t attend the meeting?

Oh, that’s right. Because like most Americans, Biden can’t stomach the sight of her anymore.

Hammer and Nigel have more details about the vice president’s inevitable downfall in the clip below.