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Next to Vice President Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki might just be the most unlikable person in American politics.

She’s snarky. She’s condescending. She does stuff like invite herself to Thanksgiving at YOUR house and then complains about the menu.

“Where’s the turkey? Where’s the pumpkin pie?”


“Well gee, I don’t know, Peppermint Psaki. What did you bring to the feast? Nothing, huh? Well then, shut up!”

But I digress…

This video of a pre-White House Press Secretary Psaki laughing at Biden gaffes actually helps her public image, in my opinion. It shows that she too realizes the President’s brain is about as sharp as Jell-O.

The clip features Psaki talking on CNN with others about offensive comments Biden made during a 2019 town hall:

Full Context of Clip Presented for Your Enjoyment:

PANELIST: “Can someone give him a list of things NOT to say in this forum, and he just like read, ’cause top of the list would be ‘gay bath houses’ and ‘around the clock sex.’ Those would be the two things.”

JAKE TAPPER: “Does it concern you at all? It seems like another, uh, record player moment, kind of, to me.”

PSAKI: “Yeah. Look, there have been a number of moments where even those of us who have affection for Vice President Biden think what on Earth is happening right now. But there still continues to be affection from the American public, including within the Democratic primary voters for him. And part of his appeal is that he says things that your uncle says and people feel comfortable with him and it’s a return to normalcy. So yes, that was a weird comment, I’m not sure it’s going to impact him in the long run.”

Hey, want to see the clip to which they’re referring?

And who can forget Biden’s stirring, “Remember, Anderson? It was all gay bathhouses, gay, gay, gay,” comments?

At least we know it’s all an act when she sticks up for Biden and calls working for him “an honor.”

Speaking of Psaki, she’s back from her bout with COVID.

Psaki’s triumph return included her insidious response when pressed on the issue of rising gas prices and the “Let’s Go, Brandon” trend.

And on #LetsGoBrandon:

Mock n’ Rob have more on Psaki’s comments in the clip below.