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COLUMBUS, Ind.–A pipe bomb was discovered on a golf course in Columbus, said police. They are now looking for information on how it got there and who built it and put it on the golf course.

The bomb was found by someone who called police at about 6 Sunday evening, said Lt. Matt Harris, spokesperson for the Columbus Police Dept. He said when police arrived at Greenbelt Golf Course, at 1000 Gladstone Rd., they found the bomb in a ditch.

LISTEN: Columbus Police Lt. Matt Harris talks about the pipe bomb.

Harris said it is unusual for Columbus police to get that kind of call.

“We’ll respond maybe once or twice a year to these types of call,” he said. “Sometimes they’re unfounded. Other time it turns out to be an explosive device, which this appeared to be.”

Harris said the device was “safely disposed of” and rendered safe, though he did not go into detail about that process.

He said no one was hurt and police do not believe there is any further danger to the public. He said police searched the area and did not find any other bombs or devices.

Anyone with information about the explosive device or its origins is urged to contact the Columbus Police Department at 812-376-2600. Tips and information can be submitted anonymously.