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INDIANAPOLIS–Four vehicles were involved in a crash where one person was killed and two others were sent to a hospital on the northeast side of Indianapolis Wednesday night.

IMPD says the accident began as an attempted traffic stop just before 6 pm. The driver of the vehicle they were trying to stop refused to stop and ended up crashing into several other cars at the intersection of 38th street and Keystone Avenue.

Police did not pursue the car that took off because doing so would have been in conflict with department policy.

“Make no mistake about it, we want to protect the public and whenever there is some type of vehicle pursuit or someone takes off from an officer at a traffic stop, we take all those factors into consideration, the traffic, pedestrians, the area that we’re in, and what type of traffic stop it was,” said William Young, public information officer with IMPD.

One of the things the officers had to consider was that they were in a heavily traveled area.

“We don’t want to put the public in harm, so that’s why the officer did not pursue the suspect vehicle, in hopes that vehicle would slow down, and realize the officer is not pursuing you, but unfortunately, that did not happen,” Young continued.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle that drove away from the attempted stop were both taken to a hospital with injuries. Emergency responders say the driver is in critical condition.

One person was killed in a car that rolled over during the crash.

The occupants of two other cars were checked for injuries and they are expected to be okay.