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This is White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:

This is Karine Jean-Pierre, this first black woman to brief the White House press in decades:

This is a giant bunny addressing the White House press while wearing a mask.







The Easter Bunny is clearly the most likeable of the three. For the purposes of simplicity in this analysis, however, we will limit our discussion today to Psaki and Jean-Pierre.

Jen Psaki is recovering from COVID-19 and absent from White House press briefings. Psaki was properly vaccinated against the Coronavirus, but unbelievably, she was still stricken with the illness via one of those “rare breakthrough” infections that happen all the time.

Side Note: We wish Jen a speedy recovery and hope she is doing well (even though we loathe her).

With Psaki taking about as much time off from work as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (NOT recovering from COVID during his absence, but now back at the helm and still accomplishing nothing),  Karine Jean-Pierre has been forced play substitute teacher in Jen’s place.

With Jean-Pierre serving in Psaki’s place, Republicans face a major conundrum. What’s the problem?

Take a look:

Did you see that? Every day she gets asked the same questions and every day she doesn’t answer the questions. And yet, she does it without snark or sarcasm. She’s still covering for an incompetent administration, but she’s likeable. That’s frustrating as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

By contrast…

See the difference? We’d like to drop a house on her… TWICE.

But again, we wish her well and a very speedy recovery.

Now, Mock n’ Rob.