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“I feel like we are being treated like little kids, when there are people who need real help.”

John McWhorter was on MSNBC to discuss his latest book Woke Racism and the idea that antiracism has become a new religion for liberals.

McWhorter explains to the Morning Joe show that Critical Race Theory, by today’s standards and ideology, is hurting the black community more than anything.

“We have an idea that, to show that you’re a good person who knows racism exists, you’re supposed to treat black people like children. We’ve gone from helping black people in the real world to a religion.”

The NYT best seller says spreading the antiracism narrative to children is sending a mixed confusing message.

“When white and black kids, who are 8, are being taught to think of themselves as opposing cadres of white and black, that is a problem. It’s a problem not only for the white kids, but for black kids who are taught that the main most interesting thing about them is what white people think of them or don’t think about them…I don’t get it and I think a lot of black people don’t get it.”

The problem with woke racism isn’t just in the classroom either. McWhorter goes on to state the way CRT is preaching how to handle the topic of race is patronizing to adult black people as well.

“Whenever I see a white person or a semi-white person get fired because they said something that supposedly hurts our feelings, when it actually doesn’t…I’m embarrassed. I feel like we are being treated like little kids, when there are people who need real help. All of this virtue signaling is not what Dr. King was speaking about.”

Tony Katz echoes McWhorter’s point that antiracism goes against everything Dr. King stood for.

“So much of what we see is to push away from that idea that it’s ‘not about the color of your skin, but the content of character.’ What you’re hearing from the woke is that it’s all about color of skin.”