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WESTFIELD, Ind. — Monday was the first day of school without a mask mandate in several months at Westfield Washington Schools.

Supt. Paul Kaiser had said in a letter to parents last Friday that they would be lifting the district’s mask mandate for kids who are vaccinated for COVID. As more and more kids across the state get the shot, it’s expected that other districts requiring masks will follow suit.

“I was very excited, yeah, I screenshotted it and sent it to all my family with a few emojis for sure,” said Jenni Smith, whose daughter is an elementary school student in Westfield. “Being able to see your face from the nose downs shows a lot about personality and just connections with social interaction with teachers and students, so I’m really excited for my kids.”

Smith’s daughter Harper told WISH-TV it was certainly different not having to wear a mask in class on Monday.

“Someone reminded me in class that I was allowed to take it off and I felt a little weird. Like, we’ve been wearing masks for so long you feel a little weird,” said Harper.

Her fellow students agreed. But after a full day without them, they all agreed they hope they’ll never have to wear them again.

“That just made me really happy at school,” said Tanja Gipe of the mandate being lifted. “A couple of times I was like where’s my mask and then I remembered I don’t have to wear one.”

On Tuesday, Brownsburg Community Schools announced it would be lifting its mask mandate. But, it will not be as soon as Westfield. Brownsburg said they will be lifting their mandate on Dec. 20, which is the start of the district’s Christmas break. They said the delay would allow for more time for parents to get their kids vaccinated.

Northwest Allen County Schools in Fort Wayne have also said they will make masks optional after Dec. 18.