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MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, President Bush’s former press secretary, has herself a theory on why Democrats got spanked in Virginia Tuesday:

  1. “CRT, which isn’t real.”
  2. Youngkin worshipped at the altar of Donald Trump and flew an “insurrection flag” at his rallies.

*Despite an extensive online search that took us at least 30 seconds, no footage of Youngkin flying a so-called “Insurrection Flag” at rallies could be located. We did, however, find this footage of politically-engaged Virginia voter learning of Youngkin’s victory:

Love that clip.

Here’s what Nicole Wallace had to say on MSNBC upon learning of Youngkin’s victory:

“I want to press on this. I think we know the answer to some of this. I watched Glenn Youngkin’s interviews. on FOX News and did nothing but — he worshipped at the altar of Donald Trump on FOX News. He flew an insurrection flag at his rallies. He played dumb about a Zoom rally.

“He did not really put much distance between himself and Donald Trump on the Big Lie or the Deadly Insurrection, in which police officers were maimed by flagpoles. I think the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump insurrection-endorsed Republican.”

Well… If CRT “isn’t real,” then why the resistance to parents not wanting it pushed on their children, Nicole?

To be fair, Nicole is just carrying the party lie forward that CRT is not taught in public schools. Observe: