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Story by WISH TV’s Jasmine Minor 

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — The Artesian Court Apartments were sold to become new transitional housing for Recovery Works, a new rehab clinic.

However, it means that the 44 families living at the apartment complex in Morgan County are being forced to move out, with many of them telling I-Team 8 they are preparing to have to live out on the streets.

“I ain’t never been on the street, never. I’ve never been homeless. I’ve never been on the street,” said Artisan Court Apartments resident Beth Parsons, 64, who says her family has been calling around but it’s been difficult to find available housing. “We have our income, each one of us has our own income, that’s not really the problem. It’s the down payment, the deposit and then finding a place.”

According to records obtained by I-Team 8 by the Morgan County Recorder’s Office, Duane Ennis sold Artesian Court Apartments to developer Obsidian Martin South LLC.

Parsons says residents were given 30 days to move out, starting Sept. 29.

“These are our blankets that are clean, that we may have to use if we’re going to the tent so we’ll stay warm,” Parsons told I-Team 8 on Thursday.

Artesian Court Apartments property manager Stevens Barry told I-Team 8 by phone, “We are helping our residents with rehousing and relocation.”

Barry says some residents have found new housing and the complex has offered to give residents their October deposits back and an additional $400.

Resident Amy Greeson says she wishes the new owners would give them until the new year to move out.

“With the rainy weather and snow coming, it’s not going to give people enough time to find a place, (plus) Thanksgiving and Christmas (are) coming up. It’s not enough time,” Greeson said.

I-Team 8 reached out to Pinnacle Treatment Centers, which will run the new Recovery Works Martinsville location and transitional housing. Pinnacle Treatment Centers did not immediately respond to comment.

Parsons says her family has been busy packing their apartment but are concerned they won’t find a new place in time. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to us. We need help.”