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Fred Hensley Sr., a 79-year-old man in Ohio, was fed up with his 50-year-old son playing his guitar. Thus, Papa Fred kindly asked his beloved offspring to cease making noise immediately.

Sadly, Fred’s son declined his request.

Forced to choose between a quiet home or his own flesh and blood, Fred Sr. did the only sensible thing a loving father would do in similar circumstances: he retrieved his pistol and shot him.

While Fred was successful in eliminating the guitar’s disruption to the peace, silence was regrettable not achieved – primarily due to the agonizing screams of Fred Jr., now bleeding profusely.

Fred Sr. is not a heartless man, however. He took immediate action to save his son’s life by calling the friendly people of 911. Sadly, Fred Sr. is rather hard of hearing, which tends to be a hindrance to productive phone conversations.

Proof of Claim: Fred’s actual call to 911.

Yeah, Fred Sr. is definitely going to wind up in a home as soon as his son can make it happen.