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Senator Todd Young was at the Indiana Institute for Fiscal Policy recently, and his comments prompted heartfelt concerns for the man’s welfare. We’re desperately worried that our friend, Todd, might be suffering from amnesia.

Consider The Irrefutable Evidence:

  • In his thoughtful speech, Todd expressed concerns about inflation – a hidden tax on the American people.
  • Young Speaks: “Inflation is a hidden tax on working Americans and Americans on fixed incomes. People are certainly noticing the higher prices are outpacing their wage gains.”
  • Todd also expressed his indigestion-inducing worries about the national debt if Democrats’ spending proposals are approved.
  • Young Speaks: “If you add up all of the various spending proposals, they are well north of $7 trillion. If every man, woman, and child in the state of Indiana were to have a million dollars of credit card debt racked up over a nine-month period, that’s roughly how much money has been proposed for the nation.”

We are firmly convinced we are going to find Todd Young wandering aimlessly through the back allies of Washington D.C., wetting his pants and asking, “Where’s Mama?”

That Substantial Argument Of Undeniable Logic:

You see, Todd has a spending problem. With the assistance of his fellow losers, ingrates, and insurrections, Todd Young and the Republican party added $9 trillion to the Federal Debt during the Trump administration.

Todd LOVES to spend taxpayers’ money.

  • Young supported COVID Relief 1 – Spring 2020: $2.2 trillion
  • Young supported COVID Relief 2 – Winter 2020-2021: $900 billion

Fun Fact: SBA Estimates $4.5 billion in fraud alone on the 2 above.

Do you see the problem there? Todd Young’s comments seem completely disingenuous.

Inescapable Conclusion:

  1. Todd Young has amnesia.
  2. Todd Young is full of crap.
  3. Todd Young is lying.
  4. Todd Young is REALLY, REALLY full of crap and lying.

Don’t be alarmed, America, but it appears that just like the Democrats, there is a lack of integrity in the Republican party.