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Records show that the taxpayer-funded Bail Project Indianapolis paid for the release of another man who would later go on to be charged with murder.

23-year-old suspect Travis Lang was released from jail earlier this year on bond in a case where he was facing drug charges.

At the time of his release, Lang also had three felony cases pending.

Lang is charged with the murder of 24-year-old Dylan McGinnis who was shot to death on October 1st on the near east side.


 “Lang’s wrap sheet dates back to 2018 and consists of pending charges related to auto theft, burglary, resisting law enforcement, and multiple drug-related charges.

He was arrested in December for possession of cocaine, a Level 6 felony. Court documents show in January his $5,000 cash bond was paid by The Bail Project.

Following his release, Lang allegedly continued to sell drugs, which police say led to the murder of Dylan McGinnis on Oct. 1.

This is the second man in three months that this organization has helped fund bail for previous charges before the person is charged with murder.

Marcus Garvin was charged with murder in the death of 30-year-old Christie Holt, his ex-girlfriend, in late July.

Really hitting it out of the park there, Bail Project Indianapolis! Incidentally, what is the criteria to qualify for your organization’s assistance in funding bail? By our count, a suspect must be charged with multiple serious felonies to make the cut.

David Gaspar, National Director of Operations at The Bail Project, attempted to provide political cover for the organization’s latest screw-up.

The Bail Project – Indianapolis paid a portion of Mr. Lang’s bail nine months ago and his family paid a portion through a bail bonds agent,” Gaspar said in a statement. “Mr. Lang has a very supportive family and had no history of violence. The Bail Project – Indianapolis successfully supported him in returning to all of his court dates for his pending cases. It’s important to remember that Mr. Lang is only charged with the current allegations, and it will be up to a judge and jury to determine if those charges have any merit.”

Thanks for the helpful tip in critical thinking, David. It’s important to remember that Mr. Lang is charged with the current allegations AND several other allegations that are completely unrelated to this case.

Imagine the mindset it takes to release a statement like Gaspar put out. Sure, the suspect is charged with auto theft, burglary, resisting law enforcement, and multiple drug-related charges, but murder is just unthinkable for a man of Lang’s character. He’s a good egg.

By the way, the Bail Project Indianapolis is operated and funded by the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). That’s your tax dollars hard at work in the community!