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STATEWIDE–After a rainy Monday across the state, the National Weather Service believes there will be more rain coming up later this week.

“Tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday), we’ll have some quiet conditions. We’ll also have some cooler temperatures working in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some patchy frost Tuesday night into Wednesday morning,” said James Beachler, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Beachler says there is more rain on the way, so you may want to get any outdoor activities done then late Monday and Tuesday will be the best time to get those done.

“The system that’s coming in later in the week is the one that’s been impacting the Pacific coastline out in California. That’s going to be arriving in Indiana and it’s going to have a lot of rainfall with it. There is the potential for thunderstorm activity, but it is difficult to say the timing and the location right now,” said Beachler.

Many places across the state are expected to get about two inches of rain by the end of Monday.

“If you do notice that a roadway has water across it, sometimes you just don’t know how deep that water is. A lot of times, we recommend that you turn around and don’t drown,” said Beachler.

Beacher believes the likelihood of severe weather this week is low, but that can always change.

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